Sanger Sequencing 

HighPrep™ DTR Big Dye removal Sequencing Clean Up Kit 

Features & Benefits  
Long Phred 20 read lengths averaging over 700 bps 
Pass rates over 85% or higher 
New kit formulation to further enhance signal intensities 
Efficient clean up of sequencing reaction contaminants 
Reduce BigDye® usage* 
*BigDye is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. 
Ordering Information 
HighPrep DTR 50ml catalogue Number: AQ 70050 
HighPrep DTR 500ml catalogue Number: AQ 70500 
HighPrep DTR is a high performance paramagnetic bead-based system, designed to remove unincorporated dye terminators from Sanger sequencing reaction. The HighPrep DTR system consists of a selective binding of DNA to the HighPrep DTR paramagnetic beads, followed with washing off nucleotides, primers and non-targeted amplicons, and finally elution of pure DNA. HighPrep DTR is designed for both manual and fully automated purification of sequencing products. The protocol can be adapted to your current lqiuid handling workstation utilizing your current protocol. 
Clean up of sequencing product for both ABI and MegaBACE platforms 
Comparative Analysis of  
HighPrep™ DTR vs CleanSEQ® 
CleanSEQ is a registered trademark of Beckman Coulter 
For research purposes only. Not for use in diagnostics procedures. 
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