TurboCycler 2 Gradient Thermal Cycler; Compact and Ultra-Quiet with Enhanced Functionality to Optimise and Improve PCR Efficiency and Accuracy 

Maximize PCR Yields for your NGS and CRISPR applications 
Advanced Programmable Heated Lid ensures maximum incubation efficiency 
Our Programmable Heated lid function is critical in preventing undesired annealing and primer dimer formation. It also prevents condensation, obviating the risk of sample-mix evaporation and resultant changes in reagent concentrations, which can reduce product size and yield. 
Expansive Temperature Range: You can set lid temperatures anywhere between 35⁰C - 120⁰C (or Off), ensuring optimal alignment with the sample temperatures in your protocol. 
Designed with your downstream applications in mind 
TurboCycler 2 Gradient system also offers highly granular ramp rate control, adjustable and in increments of down to 0.5⁰C/second, highly advantageous for emerging applications such as CRISPR/Cas9. 
Ramp rates for other applications are also adjustable, where increased heating/cooling rates are preferred for faster thermal cycling operation. 
Identify Optimal Experiment Temperatures with Maximum Accuracy 
Using proven Peltier technology for reliable heating and cooling along a 12-section gradient, TurboCycler 2 provides a potent system to identify optimal temperatures for optimal yield for your experiment. 
Multiprobe detection capability ensures ideal calibration and QC for consistency and reliability. 
TurboCycler 2 includes a “Sample or Block Temperature” selection function to ensure your samples are heated optimally, for the correct time in your experiment. This functionality overcomes the challenge of innate sample-to-block temperature difference and avoids the risk of sample temperature “overshoot”, where block temperature is ‘manually’ increased to achieve optimal sample temperature. 
Walk-Away Operation, Monitor From Anywhere! 
TurboCycler 2 also offers an optional WiFi module, enabling you to monitor the PCR run status of your experiment anytime, anywhere using the free TurboApp from your mobile device. 
Easy to Use, Easy to Control, Easy to Report 
TurboCycler 2 comes with a sensitive 7-inch capacitive colour touch screen, easy to use with or without laboratory gloves worn. 
TurboCycler 2 boasts a simple conversational GUI with intuitive spinning wheels, making adjustment and control of your experiment parameters fast and easy. 
Portability of protocols is easy with USB connectivity. 
Included with the TurboCycler 2 are tools which allow easy Tm calculation, copy number conversion and master-mix preparation 
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